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What causes photographs to deteriorate?

Digital restoration of photographic images is necessary when some of the following damage occurs on photos:


Prolonged exposure to UV (ultraviolet) light, contained in sunlight, is especially damaging to photographs through fading.

Fluorescent and incandescent light can also cause photographic dyes as well as inks to fade.

Keep your pictures from extended exposure to all bright light.

Picture frames using. UV-resistant glass are readily available in better photo and frame shops.


Damp air will lead to mold and mildew development on the print or film surface.

Never store pictures in the garage or basement.

Temperature extremes and fluctuations in humidity

Cause prints to crack and become brittle. Don't put any photographic materials in the attic as well. The ideal storage temperature is between 55 and 68 degrees with a humidity level between 30 and 40 percent.

The use of non archival sleeves or photo albums containing PVC's (vinyl polyvinyl chloride)

Cheaper sleeves or albums have acids that contribute to yellowing and sticking to the material. Like humans in a swimming pool and fish in an aquarium, photographs require proper pH levels.

Use good archival storage materials such as acid-free photo albums and picture frame mats. These can be found in most quality art supply and photography stores. We recommend using photo corners to adhere your pictures to album pages and the beauty of it is, you can easily remove them from the page and place them into a new album or mat. So use the "sticky pages" to catch flies, not your precious pictures!

Fumes from chemical cleaners and paint supplies contain acids that break down the prints

Fumes will break down surface (emulsion) and cause staining and deterioration.

Even the air we breath every day has very minute levels of oxidizing gasses which cause the silver in non-digital prints (black and white especially) to shift color to a yellowish-green in the lighter to mid tones and become mirror-like where the image was darkest. Don't panic, you don't need to live in a hyperbaric chamber to extend your own life, just common sense.

Proper storage of your pictures will slow this eventual degradation greatly.

Excessive touching and handling of pictures

When you touch a picture with your bare hands you expose a print to the oils in your skin (which contain acids,) and you wear out of the paper your photograph is printed on.

Again, a good photo album or sleeve can help.


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