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Again, I'm showing the various stages to better illustrate the progression or our restoration.

The original snapshot had a huge blotch of white paint on the left side. This is where our real-world photo lab experience comes into play. We gently swabbed the print with a mild "approved" photo washing solution, carefully and slowly removing the water- soluble paint off of the surface. The white came off cleanly, but coincidentally, there was a white blotch on the wall just above it (in the picture itself). After blotting the picture dry, we scanned the picture again. For a small picture, it was very sharp and had a good bright tone. There was a developing mark (man's left sleeve) that needed retouching and a few isolated scratches and spots which were easily removed.

The final picture on the right was a product of our own curiosity. We wanted to see what he might look like if we took twenty some odd years off of him. We started with the dark circles under his eyes, followed by slightly shrinking his nose and ears (They grow as we age). Then we broadened his shoulders and pulled in his stomach area. Lastly, we added a Mona Lisa smile on him to reflect his reaction to newly found youth.

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